YS Tang
Classical Guitarist

A scholarships recipient from Del Mar College, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and Texas Tech University School of Music, where he received his teaching assistantship, Mr. Tang has a Master's degree in Music performance.

Teaching engagement

Formerly an adjunct lecturer at Malaysian Institute of Art music department, Mr. Tang is currently an adjunct lecturer of UiTM and he also accepts music major students in Malaysian Institute of Art as well as private students.

Mr. Tang emphasizes the importance of the traditional etudes or studies in his teaching principle, in which working on an etude for a specific technique is compulsory along with one or two repertoire (also early music repertoire when a student has the capacity), progressively.

In addition to regular lessons, Mr. Tang conduct public seminars and recitals in various classical guitar related topics.

What's On    Lessons

Performance and Outreach

Snipets from live performance

Mr. Tang performs regularly and is also actively engaging in classical music outreach programs with VerSeS. Mr. Tang works closely with VerSeS – KL Madrigal Singers to promote classical music / operatic arias / art songs / madrigals to the general public, especially to younger audience.

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