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A seasoned concert performer with over 25 years of teaching experience, focused only on the classical guitar, Mr. Tang accepts student from beginners to diploma and University music majors.

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Distance learning via GoogleMeet / Zoom is available.

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showing some tips and tricks to some young talented students

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Here's some examples of my teaching materials

Fingering idea: J.F. Daube: Menuet, Trinity Guitar Exam 2020: Grade 4. (Lower-Intermediate)

Fingering idea: M. Carcassi Op. 60 No. 7: Alternative finger to practise i,m finger with speed (Advanced when speed up)

Dotted Rhythm Practice: Bach, Gigue, BWV 1009 (Advanced)
Alter the rhythm to dotted (short-long / long-short), the shift of weight or force will create imbalance of muscle work of the alternating fingers, thus forcing our fingers muscle to learn to control better.

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