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Education and Outreach programs:

Education is a complex and gradual undertaking that defies oversimplification. It necessitates skilled teachers with both passion and patience to sow the seeds and nurture growth. However, educators are just one component of the entire equation; public awareness plays a crucial role in fostering the cultivation of arts and music.

If you have an appreciation for classical music, don't let it end here; it's essential to ensure that future generations continue to cherish these art forms. In today's society, the prevalence of apps offering instant gratification has contributed to shorter attention spans for many. Consequently, some find it challenging to grasp the complexity and depth of classical music, literature, and the arts. Instead, they may mistakenly perceive the 'chances' or randomness of chaos as the art form.

The outreach programs and lecture series mentioned below operate on a non-profit basis, meaning they do not generate revenue. However, they are not without costs, considering the time and effort invested in developing materials, as well as the organization and promotion of these initiatives. We are in need of support, whether financial or in other forms, to sustain these endeavors.

You can help us by:
1. Hosting the programs, and or,
2. Sponsoring the venue, and or,
3. Sharing this page to friends whom might like to help too.

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guitar literature lecture

From the Renaissance to the modern Classical Guitar:

Introduction to early plucked instruments: Renaissance Lute / Vihuela, and their various tablature systems and repertoire.

The literature of the classical guitar, its repertoire from the Baroque to the modern classical guitar.

This lecture is suitable for the general public and is presented in English or Mandarin

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guitar teaching

Mindful Practice:

Imagine how professional athletes undergo their training, they do not just play ball and have fun. The same goes for professional musicians, we don't just play 'songs' back to back all day.

Practicing all day but repeating mistakes unconcsiously will develop bad habits that will sabotage your performances.

This lecture is suitable for advanced players, especially for music major students. Can be presented in English or Mandarin

練 。 習


guitar lecture

Classical Guitar Technique: A pedagoy workshop

In this lecture, we will be focusing on the left hand techniques, from effective position shiftings to some non-traditional fingerings.

This workshop is suitable for upper-intermediate or pre-college students.

Students require a guitar to participate in this workshop. Can be presented in English or Mandarin



Apart from grand opera houses and big concert halls, classical music often found its home in more intimate settings. As far back as the 19th century, composers like Franz Schubert, among other renowned Viennese composers, hosted small concerts that we now refer to as "Schubertiads." This tradition of intimate musical gatherings persisted into the era of Chopin, who crafted many piano solos specifically for performance in relaxed settings, giving rise to the term "salon music."

In the realm of guitar music, Francisco Tárrega carried on this tradition, with many of his compositions reflecting the salon-style approach. While South American guitar solos may not have originally fit within this genre, they are well-suited to today's salon-style performances. Nonetheless, I prefer to characterize them as evocative yet refined café guitar music, combining relaxation with refined taste.

Hire me for your private events, cafe or restaurant. Here are some sample music.

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